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Business Matchmaking

The business Matchmaking is a way in which sellers and buyers are helped identifying, connecting and networking with businesses and companies that match their target audience. One of the main goals is to be able to create business connections in order to facilitate engagements and interactions that are used to identify opportunities, such as closing deals and sales, finding vendors as well as business opportunities, and achieving other goals.


Also, business matchmaking services help participating companies to expand their reach and buyers and sellers have better ways and opportunities to connect online in order to offer, sell and buy the products or services that the company offers. Some of the matchmaking models are popular and successful, having been inspired by companies like Uber and Airbnb, which use business matching for their business.


In addition, several businesses are part of the matchmaking services that are offered by BizVibe’s B2B networking platform and some also bring together two or more parties with a common business interest to achieve matchmaking.


How does it work?


Connecting two companies that are similar in a way that based on the algorithms of a platform and the matching tools can work in a personalized way, sharing objectives and business interests that are similar so that they focus on almost the same thing.


Using a business networking platform, you can get them connected to your target audience so that the prospecting process is significantly shortened, and you can get to the point of just closing business deals. Also, by connecting buyers and sellers with their business interests and goals through a platform like BizVibe, you can have vendor tracking and business monitoring to make it easier to network and connect, to reach and close deals.


By working with export promotion agencies, you can find commercial matches based on commercial interests at the regional level and the commercial objectives established in the platform, also saving time and money, since the match seeks to be the best option for the services offered for each company.


Matchmaking vs Networking


Business matching is a structured process that is mainly based on the amount of data to connect sellers and buyers, being ideal for people and companies that know and know their business objectives well, and work in the best way to find a company or several that are suitable for doing business. On the other hand, business networking that does not have strong business matchmaking can become less structured and tends to take longer to find a business partner.


Some of the functions and objectives that BizVibe offers for buyers and sellers, being one of the main commercial intermediation services with follow-up and monitoring of suppliers, are:

  • Identify a perfect fit for the services of the business in every step of the way
  • Create outreach plans that could be innovative and sophisticatedย 
  • Promote industry events
  • Find relevant companies that could match in the best way the target audience
  • Organize and schedule meetings with qualified buyers and sellers


When is it used?


Trade matchmaking is often used at networking events to create the perfect match between buyers and sellers so your business can be connected with qualified leads to save time and money. It is also used for prospecting at events, to be able to track and monitor suppliers and expand the scope of disclosure between companies.


Using a complete B2B networking platform like BizVibe you can enable buyers and sellers on the platform to receive market insights and unlimited technical support and also host buyer-supplier meetings.


How does it work in trade exhibitions and events?


For example, the BizVibe B2B platform uses its marketing channels to outreach to potential importers/buyers and invite them to participate in virtual events, it’s done on the backend, so buyers or sellers don’t have to look for business matchmaking services.



Some of the most popular companies that use this model are Uber, Airbnb, TaskRabbit and Freecycle, these companies bring buyers and sellers together, but they do not own what is bought and sold from the B2B platform, such as BizVibe.


How are B2B Meetings Organized?


BizVibe has a 5-step process for B2B meetings that is very easy:


  • Explain to attendees the meeting structure
  • Keep it as a networking session
  • Create designated spaces for 1-on-1 meetings
  • Define and monitor time
  • Assist guests at all times


Will Business Matchmaking Services Work for Your Business?


Business brokerage services work for your business if:


  • You need new business connections with buyers or sellers.
  • Current business connections are becoming obsolete and you need to expand business into new sectors.
  • If there are a number of buyers and sellers in your target market that you believe have not yet been exploited.
  • You see that there is potential for growth in the market of buyers and sellers for your business.


You can contact BizVibe in order to determine if business matchmaking services and if they work for your business.