Digital Transformation
Cyber Security

Digital Transformation and Cyber Security Relationship

Since digital transformation has become the goal for many businesses, the need to improve online security systems has also grown. The transition to the digital sphere must be carried out with the certainty that the programs and information related to the business are not lost, or worse stolen. Not only during the digital transformation, security must be the key aspect for all the growth and development moments of the online brand. For these reasons, we have identified the main risks to security and also some digital transformation security solutions to help your digital transformation remain as low risk as possible.ย 

Security risks connected to Digital Transformation

Of course, the bigger the business, the more risk there is of data, apps, or programs being threatened. This is because it is possible for hackers to access the system from different points, exploiting errors in the code or bugs to implement cyber attacks. User data in particular is becoming increasingly important. With GDPR and the arrival of new privacy regulations, theft or loss of private data is the last thing any business needs or wants. This is also linked to the fact that the digital transformation requires an element systems integration so that data can be shared between varying systems and platforms easily. On the other hand, it also means that once they gain access to the network, hackers can move faster and have access to endless private information. In order to prevent this from happening, there can be no weak spots within your systems, and even much smaller platforms need to be properly secured, so you donโ€™t risk the overall safety of your systems.

Prevent the risk of cyber attacks

Now that itโ€™s clear that the vulnerability of your systems during and after a digital transformation is so high, security measures need to be put in place to reduce the risk as much as possible. So letโ€™s see together how we can do:

  • Protect softwares and platforms: Any software that is developed for the company, both internally and by third parties, must have incorporated a security function for any eventuality. In this way if a security hack did occur, you would be able to identify the details much quicker and with more ease.
  • Communication into the company: Each member of staff must be able to report, or rather block, an attempt to gain unauthorized access to the system. Providing regular training for new recruits and when new devices and systems are added will help to keep all the datas safe and in check.