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How to Change an Image in a WordPress Theme

WordPress is an extraordinarily strong and simple to-utilize web designer and Content Management System. Its immense measure of subjects for each sort of site you can envision (blog, online business, craftsman’s portfolio, business site, and so on) number into the several thousands. Notwithstanding, in its straightforwardness, WordPress formats (particularly the free ones) can be very restricted in usefulness and customization choices.

A valid example: Adding or changing a WordPress header picture when the subject’s customizer doesn’t take into consideration it.


Doubtlessly the topic that you are as of now utilizing has a default header picture. Your responsibility is to find that implicit header picture and supplant with your own. Here is a no-nonsense workaround on the best way to get that going.


  • Mouse over the home symbol and site name in the upper-left piece of your WordPress administrator window. Select “Visit Site.”
  • Contingent upon your internet browser, there will be slight varieties in this following stage. In any case, basically a similar idea essentially applies here across all internet browsers. For instance: while utilizing Google Chrome, right-click on the header region of your site and select the choice “Assess.”

This raises an immense measure of in the background data on the CSS, PHP, and HTML code. Be that as it may, you needn’t bother with to be a coder to play out the accompanying stunt.


  • Search for the code that exists in theย  andย  and (in the accompanying picture)ย  HTML labels. There you will doubtlessly track down the URL way to where the header picture is facilitated, something like this
  • As of now you’ve found where the default header picture is being facilitated, and presently the time has come to go into your web-facilitating record’s grind framework and chase down that exact same picture to supplant it.


Yet, before you do, you really want to make note of the pixel level and width of the default picture header on the grounds that the one that you’re supplanting it with ought to be the very same size. You can in all likelihood right-click on the actual picture, save it to the work area, and afterward assess its document properties/data, which typically incorporates the picture’s pixel aspects.

  • Web-facilitating administrations are generally overseen by means of a simple to-utilize interface called “CPanel.” Within “CPanel” is the “Record Manager.” You really want to sign in to the grind supervisor and snap down into a way like the one where the header picture is found, something like.