How to create a Google Shopping campaign

How to create a Google Shopping campaign

Shopping campaigns let you promote your products by giving potential customers detailed information about what you’re selling before they click on your ad. You’ll be able to track the performance of your products over time using general merchandise reporting tools. If you want to create a shopping campaign, read this article immediately. It will help you go through how to set up a Shopping campaign in Google Ads.

Google Shopping ads are visual product ads that appear at the top of search results when someone searches for a specific product. These ads showcase product images and pricing to entice users to click on the ad and buy the product.

Google Shopping ads are a great source to target shoppers ready to buy your products. 

How to create Google Shopping ads:

 A step-by-step guide   create a Merchant Center account

  • If you want to get started with Google Shopping advertising, you must sign up for a Merchant Center account. You’ll use this account to add your products and launch your shopping ads. You can sign up for an account through Google.
  • Go to your Google Ads account and log in.
  • Select Campaigns from the drop-down menu on the left.
  • After clicking the plus button, select New campaign.
  • Select Shopping for “Campaign type” and then click Next.
  • Select your preferred advertising methods

Campaign name

Give your campaign a name. This name will be used to find the campaign later on. You can change the name of the campaign after it’s been created.

Merchant center 

 Choose the Merchant Center account that contains the products you’d want to promote. If you don’t see any here, you’ll need to link your Merchant Center and Google Ads accounts first. After you’ve started a campaign, you can’t modify the merchant.

Choose the country

 Choose the country in which your goods will be marketed and delivered. Only people in the country you choose will see your ads. To advertise, ensure sure product data is in the Merchant Center. The account you select is available in the country you choose. There will be no products to promote in the campaign if there is no product data available until you add it. After you’ve started a campaign, you can’t modify the country of sale.



Select the type of bidding you’d like to use in your campaign. You can update this setting once the campaign has been created. Decide on a bid strategy based on your goals.

Campaign priority

 If you’re advertising the same product in different campaigns for the same country of sale, you simply need to change this parameter. When developments in your campaign overlap, campaign priority determines which campaign’s money will be utilized.

Click Save and continue

To establish your first ad group, fill in a few details. Individual product ads created automatically utilizing information from your Merchant Center account will be included in your ad group.