How to add different payment methods on Shopify

How to set up an online store on Shopify

Shopify is a software program that allows you to construct a website and sell, ship, and manage your products using their shopping cart solution. You gain access to an easy-to-use admin interface where you can add products, handle orders, and want to use Shopify to develop an online store. Check out this article immediately, weโ€™ll show you how to utilize Shopify in this guide so that you can start your online business as soon as feasible You can create your online store with Shopify’s support.

Join Shopify today

  • Click the ‘Start free trial button after entering the required information.


  • Go to to learn more. Create an account using the signup form. Shopify will ask you to modify your store’s name if you don’t give it a unique name.
  • After this first page, you’ll be prompted for a few more details, like your name, address, nationality, and phone number. Click ‘I’m done when you’re finished. Begin constructing your online store.
  • You’ll be sent straight to your store’s admin page when you join up. You may now start customizing your store., uploading products, and configuring payment and shipping options.
  • Select a “Theme” or “Layout” from the drop-down menus.
  • Shopify also has its shop for themes. You can choose from these themes because they come with complete assistance from the designers.
  • The settings of Shopify can be altered.
  • Because the majority of Shopify themes allow you to make simple modifications that substantially affect the design of your store.

Please submit your productsย 

From the left-hand navigation bar, choose ‘Products.’ A green ‘Add a product’ button can be found in the page’s center. In the next step, enter all the information about your products as you need. Pay special attention to SEO-friendly components like the name, description, and URL. To help clients comprehend your items, include as many details as feasible.

Payment method

You can choose how products should be added to a new collection when you create it. These are the two possibilities:

  • Manuallyย 
  • automatically


Choose a domain name.

You’ll need a domain name to get your site up and to run. There are two options available to you.

To begin, you can buy a domain from Shopify, which will be added to your store immediately. The annual cost of these names usually is $9-USD 14. The second option is to buy a domain from a third-party provider like GoDaddy. The price of these names starts at USD 10.00 per year. The disadvantage is that you’ll have to manually reroute the DNS records, which can be intimidating at first. Suppose you’ve made it this far; kudos to you. Now you should have a completely functional web store.