shipping methods in Prestashop

How to set up shipping methods in Prestashop

Want to know about the PrestaShop method for your business? Please read this article immediately; It will help you choose the correct approach. One of the most crucial things for your customers when selling products online is the shipping method used to deliver the purchased product to them. PrestaShop 1.6 makes it simple to add carriers that are automatically displayed as shipping methods for your products, and we’ll teach you how to do so in the following few lines of this guide.

Β follow these steps to set up your Store’s shipping methods:

  • Add a Shipping Method That Isn’t Offered Anywhere Else
  • Add a New Carrier in Step 2
  • Add a Shipping Method That Isn’t Offered Anywhere Else
  • As previously stated, payment options are simply a matter of selecting the appropriate carrier. To do so, go to the Carriers page in your Store’s Back Office, then to Shipping Carriers. After that, you’ll be taken to a website where you can see a list of the carriers that have already been configured.
  • There are two preconfigured carriers in the PrestaShop 1.6 platform’s basic configuration. These are just for demonstration purposes, and you can remove them if you don’t require them.


step 2: Determine your shipping rates in PrestaShop

Soundcloud does not automatically import fees to PrestaShop. This step gives you the option to choose how much you want to charge your customers for their shipments independently.

In PrestaShop, you can create fixed rates in your checkout for any order. This, as we mentioned above, gives you flexibility in terms of price conditions by zones, by zone, and by purchase value. To create a rate in PrestaShop, follow the steps below:


  • In the International section, click Locations. Here you can create and manage the areas you need to create based on flexible rates.
  • At the top right, click Add Zone
  • Enter the name of the zone and then click Save. Zones you have to add ( these are based on carrier rates). See below:

Provincial Zone 1: shipping within the same province

Border Zone 2: shipment to the neighboring province

Peninsular Zone 3: shipping to the rest of mainland

  1. Once you have added the zones, access the Transportation section and click on Carrier.
  2. In the upper right, click Add Carrier
  3. Proceed to fill in the information required in the steps to add a new carrier
  4. Step 3 ‘Shipping location and shipping costs you will have to add the corresponding rates for each area. 8. Complete the steps and make sure the carrier is active. Click ” Enable ” and voila! your shipping methods are already active in your PrestaShop checkout