Prestashop vs Woocommerce

Prestashop vs Woocommerce: what is better?

Selecting the most suitable shopping cart solution is the top priority when choosing a platform for your online business. Among several shopping carts, PrestaShop vs. WooCommerce are two prominent names thanks to their benefits to users. Read out this article immediately, it will help you to choose the right option for your business growth. However, merchants usually feel pretty confused and find it hard to differentiate between these two platforms.


Popularity Prestashop vs Woocommerce

In terms of popularity, WooCommerce is superior to PrestaShop. With over 3.4 million websites using WooCommerce, it is one of the most used eCommerce platforms globally. In contrast, PrestaShop is the home to only nearly 310,000 websites.

Furthermore, in the geographical aspect, WooCommerce is leading in most regions such as the USA, the UK, Iran… while PrestaShop’s users are mainly from France and Spain.

Technology Prestashop vs Woocommerce

PrestaShop is an e-commerce platform designed primarily for online sales. WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress (a blog platform designed for online sales). This option gives you the ability to turn your business into an online store.

Design Prestashop vs Woocommerce

Your online store will exhibit recognized aspects of an e-commerce website with any PrestaShop theme. On the other hand, several WooCommerce-compatible WordPress themes do not appear to be e-commerce, which can be perplexing.

Configuration and characteristics

PrestaShop was developed to provide an effective online sales platform with more than 600 functionalities. To manage pricing, multi-language or multi-store support, catalog mode, product comparison, data imports, and other capabilities, you’ll need to employ specific plugins.

Who is better

PrestaShop is intended to help your business grow by handling enormous catalogs (over 100,000 products) and large numbers of orders. WooCommerce isn’t designed to handle massive records. As a result, as your business expands, you’ll quickly run into issues with stock management, order processing, customer support, and so on.

Ease of use

In terms of installation, a WooCommerce store takes much longer than a PrestaShop store because you must first install WordPress. Following that, you can install WooCommerce directly from the WordPress admin panel. As previously said, this plugin is free. Thus, there is no charge to install it. Simply “Login into your WordPress admin site,” then “Plugins,” “Search for “WooCommerce,” and click “Install Now.”

  • As a WordPress plugin, WooCommerce seems to be more powerful regarding managing posts, media, pages, and blogging. On the other hand, PrestaShop is more assertive in creating and managing multiple stores. While this is a built-in feature, WooCommerce’s users have to install a plugin to run multiple stores.