What is Prestashop

What is Prestashop and how does it work

Are you a businessman and want to run your business successfully on the internet? Then read out this article immediately. It will help you to grow your business all over the world through the internet while using PrestaShop. PrestaShop is a web-based platform that enables users to create an online store and sell goods and services to a global audience. PrestaShop may develop a website, add features, and collect payments with SumUp for business owners who want to take their firm to the next level.



Prestashop is a self-hosted platform. That is, you will be provided with the open-source software and will be able to host it on any web hosting platform. As a result, there are many distinct hosting services that you can utilize with various types of servers. A shared server is a good option if you’re looking for a low-cost alternative. You might also choose a dedicated server or a cloud server if you require a better level of performance.


You don’t have to worry about some of the more complex, more general design features when it comes to developing your website. You can utilize Prestashop themes to establish a public appearance before getting into the finer specifics of the design.


This enables you to develop your eCommerce website more quickly and with a lower risk of errors. To enhance the design of the themes, you can utilize drag-and-drop builders and other tools. Many themes include a wide range of modification options, allowing you to personalize your website with your colors and styles.


Modules provide your website with more capability. Additional search engine optimization tools or email marketing aspects to your store are examples of this. Modules can be used for adding or removing from your website as required. The more modules you add to your website, the more functionality you’ll have. However, it will slow down your site. As a result, it’s always ideal for keeping the number of modules to a minimum.


Β Payment method

When it comes to accepting payments, Prestashop has built-in capabilities to assist you. These features are included with the Prestashop software and customized to meet your requirements. Prestashop’s payment method is highly user-friendly.



Many marketing aspects are present in the Prestashop platform. Coupons, free delivery, Google Rich Snippets, affiliate marketing schemes, and other methods can all be used. These can assist you in lowering cart abandonment and increasing conversion rates on your website.


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