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How to Secure Your YouTube account

Do you have a YouTube account? There are millions of content creators on this platform who are engaged in publishing innovative content every day, but unfortunately they have sometimes suffered cyber attacks. If this has happened to you, this article will explain how to protect your YouTube account and make it completely secure. Prevencion is important, securing your YouTube account helps prevent your account from being hacked or compromised. 

First create a strong password. Sometimes we think about entering a secure password, but we too often use private information to choose words that are easier to remember. It is important to know that someone who wants to hack into your account probably already knows a lot about you and has a lot of information they can use, so it is good to choose a mix of words and numbers that cannot be easily traced back to your private life. Take care, never share your login info and never give out your password and it is important that you know that YouTube will never ask for your password in an email, message, or phone call.

Try to do a regular security checkup. For this YouTube has a dedicated page where you will find some personalized security recommendations for your account and I recommend you follow these tips to make your account more secure. You can add or update the recovery options for your account; activate two-step verification, which is very useful to prevent a hacker from accessing your account even if they have stolen your password. If you get other people to help you manage your account, but you notice some abnormal accesses and do not recognise them, you have the option to remove or change some people depending on your account type. When you have an old browser, or the operating system or app is not up to date, the software might not be safe from hackers, so keep your software updated and backup your account regularly.

Watch out for suspicious messages and content. You may be subject to phishing, that is when a hacker disguises themself as someone trustworthy to take personal information, like financial data or credit card numbers. Hackers may pretend to be anything or anyone, using e-mails, website pages, text messages and more. Even if you’re not sure how to spot suspicious requests, know that YouTube will never ask you for your password, email address, or other account information. So be on the lookout for phishing emails and never answer. Before clicking on a link, especially one in a suspicious email, hover over it to see if the URL address looks legitimate. YouTube emails only come from or addresses.

Besides, if you find videos on YouTube that you think might be spam or phishing, instead of ignoring them, flag them for review by the YouTube team. 

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