Yoast Seo

How to use Yoast Seo with Elementor

Learn about Yoast SEO is a WordPress SEO plugin immediately that will help you enhance your search engine ranking, as you surely already know. Elementor is another popular plugin that a lot of people use. It allows you to create completely functional websites and marketing landing pages without writing a single line of code. We incorporated Yoast SEO in Elementor to will enable you to focus on your SEO while designing your pages! We’ll go over how the integration works in this post.

Using Yoast SEO in Elementor

Follow these steps to begin developing a new page in Elementor and optimizing it using Yoast SEO:


  • Click the Add New button on the Pages overview screen.
  • The editing screen for the page will appear.
  • Select Edit with Elementor from the drop-down menu.
  • You’ll be on the page editing screen for Elementor.
  • Build the page as usual once you’re in the Elementor editor.
  • Click the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) in the top left corner to open the Yoast SEO sidebar.
  • Note: You can also access Yoast SEO by clicking the cogwheel icon in the bottom left corner, which will expose a menu.
  • Select Yoast SEO from the menu.
  • You can choose the Yoast SEO menu item after you’ve clicked the hamburger menu. Alternatively, you can select the Yoast SEO tab after clicking the cogwheel icon. You may access the Yoast SEO sidebar by selecting Yoast SEO.

Why Yoast and Elementor?

Until now, there hasn’t been a unified experience that allows you to develop sophisticated, high-end designs while optimizing their content for search engines. Millions of web designers who use Yoast SEO and Elementor may now benefit from this connection and improve their websites even more. It is much easier for web producers to build a high-performing website and a profitable business with a streamlined design and content optimization methodology.

How it works

Both the free and pro editions of Yoast SEO and Elementor are compatible with this integration. After you’ve installed both plugins, go to the Elementor editor and look at the following panel:

Now you can use Yoast SEO to perform your regular optimization tasks just inside your favorite editor. Users can now utilize Elementor and Yoast SEO to create even more powerful websites that delight visitors while also gaining significant search engine rankings.