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Reasons to love Messages by Google

We use messaging apps to feel connected without having to remember our phone number or network. With Messages by Google, our goal is to help you make connections because of this. Additionally, it is based on RCS, a cutting-edge messaging protocol that enables end-to-end encryption, higher-resolution images and videos, and richer text features. We can offer everyone a modern and secure messaging experience with RCS. We keep pushing for RCS in the industry so that key players “Get The Message” and improve everyone’s experience.

We’re doing what we can to improve messaging between Android and iOS as RCS adoption grows, like adding support for reactions. This builds on a set of features you already love, like the ability to share sharper videos and scheduled messages, as well as an organized inbox that separates personal and business messages. We are also doing even more.


Here are ten ways that Messages is getting smarter, safer, and more up-to-date features.

  1. Have you ever been in a chat where your friends are having a good time and you keep up with a lot of messages? When RCS is enabled, you will soon be able to respond to a single message in a conversation. This will make it easier to respond to a single message without interrupting the conversation.
  2. We started displaying emoji responses from iPhone users on your Android phone earlier this year. We are now going one step further by allowing you to use emoji to respond to SMS messages sent by iPhone users. Even though RCS is the best option, we are doing our best to provide Android users with a method for consistently responding to messages.
  3. We are making voice messages easier to find. Voice Message Transcription automatically transcribes the message using machine learning, making it simple to access. Imagine receiving an audio message from a loved one while you are in a crowded area: You can “view” the audio with transcripts just like you would with a standard text message. This feature is available on the Pixel 7, Pixel 6A, Pixel 6 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S22, and Galaxy Fold 4 in addition to the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro.
  4. You can now use reminders directly inside of Messages to help you remember important things without having to use multiple apps on your phone. Call Mom on her birthday or set up an appointment during regular business hours to remind yourself. When you open the Messages app, you will also receive a gentle reminder about the birthday or anniversary of someone you have saved in your phone’s contacts app.
  5. You can now watch videos from YouTube without leaving Messages. Therefore, when someone sends you a YouTube link, you won’t have to waste time switching between viewing and responding.
  6. We’ve got you covered if you’re like me and constantly scroll through messages trying to locate your friend’s address from a while ago. To make it easier for you to keep track and quickly locate important conversations, messages will now intelligently suggest that you “star” messages that contain text such as addresses, door codes, and phone numbers.
  7. You may need to join a video call because texting can be too slow and impersonal. Text messages like “Can you talk now?” will be recognized. and display an icon right next to the message to suggest a Meet call. To help you stay on top of important events, it will also suggest adding events to your calendar for messages like “Let’s meet at 6pm on Tuesday.”
  8. We are testing a feature in some countries that lets you talk directly to businesses you found on Search and Maps through Messages. This way, all of your conversations will be in one place that is searchable, private, and secure. Without leaving the Messages app, you can plan your next trip, get tickets to the big game, and find discounts at your favorite stores.
  9. Messages are available on all of your preferred devices, including your smartwatch, Chromebook, and phone. Try asking Google Assistant to send a message from your new Pixel Watch.
  10. No matter where you are, including in the air, your messaging apps should work. Because of this, we collaborated with United Airlines to make messaging available on United flights when RCS is enabled. Starting this fall, the majority of carriers will be able to use it on United WiFi, and it will soon be supported by more carriers.


The Messages icon will be updated over the next few weeks to better reflect the modern messaging experience of today and to look like many other Google products. The design reflects the fact that a conversation requires participation from multiple parties, as overlapping messaging bubbles merge into one.


The look and feel of our Phone and Contacts apps will also be updated to indicate their shared purpose: aiding in your communicationย Each is made to work with Material You themes, so they can always go with your style. Naturally, we paid close attention to every pixel to guarantee that these new icons are easily recognizable as communication tools and accessible to all.


As we continue to integrate new tools and features into the app, more will be added using Google’s safety and security. Try out the brand-new features that will begin appearing in the coming weeks by downloading the Messages app from Google Play today.