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If you have a website, you will know that choosing the right keywords to improve your visibility on search engines algorithms is a very important operation. Driving traffic to your website is really hard work, that is why it is essential for a successful marketer to know about SEO and SEM techniques and Fully understand how search engines work. Indeed, when a site manages to be better positioned than others affects the increase in views and, therefore, potential customers and the return on investment. To do this, marketers are supported by a range of tools often for free or at very friendly prices. The most important is SEMrush, that it’s a really useful life-changing marketing tool.

SEMRush is a complete digital marketing research tool that helps you to understand precisely how and where your competitors have found success, so that you can replicate it for your business as well. It focuses on saving you time, money and showing you the perfect opportunities to get marketing results that matter. The Keyword Research SEMrush is quite intuitive, so much so that this suite is also used by less technical professionals such as copywriters, influencers, social media managers. Its goal, since its creation in 2008, has been to support its user in the management of the SEO positioning.

SEMrush allows you to find out how Google indexes your site, where it ranks in the SERP, it allows you to analyse the keywords most frequently typed in by your customers, which sites direct their links to yours and how, and much more. Specifically:

  • helps you find a keywords for your website;
  • understand how this is indexed by Google;
  • monitor competitorโ€™s strategies;
  • keeping an eye on the progress of a certain term or phrase;
  • check if other sites link to yours;
  • generate reports.

But, before you look at your competitors, itโ€™s important to understand what you can do to improve on your own site. 

With SEMrush, you can create good content that ranks high on search engines by discovering the trendiest topics in a given field. Also, you can analyze marketing strategies, traffic trends on other people’s sites and identify gaps in your own strategy. In this way, you can manage your social campaign in the best possible way by planning posts and ads, analyzing their performance. Indeed, there is also a SEMrush projects section in which you will find a clear and attractive interface to monitor the contents and their progress.

The interface is very easy to use, even if in order to understand its contents it is necessary to have a basic knowledge of digital marketing. However, if you want to expand your business you have to know that in any case knowing the numbers and analytics is crucial. This is why it will be very useful to choose SEMrush, which will give you a lot of data that is fundamental to your business and without which you will not be able to make the right decisions to grow on the web.

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