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Google’s new circular economy accelerator

Google has a new 10-week accelerator program for nonprofit organizations, technology startups Seed to Series A and startups located in Asia Pacific and North America. (Here you can check for more about the Google news changes)

Circular Economy

This is a model of production and consumption to share, lease, reuse, repair, renew and recycle existing materials and products that have the longest possible useful life. Waste, climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution are factors that are taken into account in this circular economy as global challenges, likewise, three fundamental principles of the model are taken into account, which are the elimination of waste and pollution, circulation of products and materials, and regeneration of nature.

The circular economy has gained popularity, this being a method to minimize emissions and the consumption of raw materials, as well as new market prospects that increase the sustainability of consumption and the improvement of resources. It is also seen as a facilitator of long-term growth that combats global warming and other aspects that damage the environment.

Google for Startups Accelerator

Circular Economy will focus on product designs as well as customer engagement, leadership development for the business, circular economy dives, as well as workshops and research. It will also provide personalized guidance assistance from Google and external engineers, with support for projects such as artificial intelligence, geospatial, machine learning, and Google Cloud.

The cohort will include 10-15 start-ups, composting, fashion, food, reuse, recycling, recharging, the built environment, safe and circular materials are some of the projects that will be challenged to get started.


Google’s network and technology also seeks out those who work for a world free of waste, which is the main purpose of creating this program.


The 10 weeks are Equity-free support, with mentoring from 20+ Google teams, partnership on an advanced technology project, also Google product credits for your tech stack and early access to new Google products and tools.


It is estimated that 90% of all plastic transported by rivers in the ocean comes from 10 rivers, 8 of which are part of the Asia Pacific, greatly affecting this region, and this program seeks to create new solutions for this issue. The applications are now open until November 14, 2022, the rest of the calendar starting the program in February 2023, the bootcamp will start in March 2023, tech sprint will be in April 2023 and finally the graduation in May 2023. Google’s network and technology also seeks out those who work for a world free of waste, which is the main purpose of creating this program.