Google Task

A new Google Task feature you need to know

Being one of the most used Google applications for its convenience, Task has well thought of renewing itself by proposing a new feature that, as usual, aims to improve user experience. Until some time ago, in fact, the app proposed by the Big G, designed for the creation of lists of commitments and tasks to be performed, appeared incomplete. It did not allow to set a personalized deadline for recurring actions. It was possible to create recurring tasks and set a custom recurrence interval, but there was no option to select an end date. Gap that had to be filled through the use of other internal applications such as Google Calendar. Thanks to the developer team, however, it will no longer be a problem and everything will soon be manageable within the Task platform in a quick and easy way.Β 

The new integrated feature in Task

As mentioned above, starting from a few days, on Google Task you can not only set recurring events but you can also decide the time interval in which they are valid. We are therefore talking about the possibility of managing commitments which take up a fixed period of time and which end after a specific period. If before it was necessary to manually delete events or pass to the more complete Calendar, which already provided for this function, in the last update Task has finally implemented this incredible novelty. Now even commitments that recur for a short period of time can be canceled independently of the app, once the period of interest has ended. All thanks to the ability to set in advance a start time and a final one at will.

Download the Task Update

The announcement was published directly on the Google Workspace Updates, the blog used by Google developers to update users on the latest news and latest releases. On the page an animation that shows the new feature in action was shared by the professionists. Despite this, it is still unclear whether the novelty will be implemented automatically or will require a further update after the one released on May 2, 2022. The advice is to always be aware, going to check for possible new updates on Google Play Store or by consulting directly the blog already mentioned, in order to be sure to always stay up to date about every change.