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Google says Chrome is now 20% faster on Macs

It is undeniable to consider Google Chrome as one of the most powerful and fast browsers on the market. An affirmation that assumes an even greater value of certainty if we take macos as an example. Already since the last update, the 99 version of the browser, Chrome had proved more agile than Safari, but as usual Google, the company wanted to outdo itself. Just in recent days in fact has made public some data that shows that just for Apple users, both desktop and mobile, the results have reached almost the Incredible. According to what big G said on Twitter, Chrome for Mac not only proves faster than other browsers, including Safari, but also managed to beat its own record. According to data reported by benchmarks it turns out that Google Chrome on mac OS has become 20% faster, with an improvement that reaches 360 points obtained using Appleโ€™s Speedometer.

Google always looking for speed

Without doubt we can consider the move made by Google as a new attempt to beat a market that has become increasingly competitive. How to do that? Simple, focusing on the speed requirement now so much appreciated by digital users. From deliveries to loading times, the mission of every company that operates on the Web is now to be able to propose its service in the most convenient and fast way possible. Google has long understood the new trend and wanted to go well beyond the past results that saw it ย was already faster than 7% and more powerful, from the point of view of graphics, 15% compared to Safari. More specifically, the improvement is to be credited in particular to some changes made to ThinLTO and a whole series of optimizations for JavaScript. Google Chrome has benefited greatly from the arrival of Apple Silicon architecture, managing to increasingly exploit the capabilities of the new M1 chips. So summing up, compared to the very first version of the native browser for the new soc, now Chrome is 43% faster on Mac.